About Us

Do you love your current career but don't like the financial stress that comes with it? Or do you feel like you're not making the impact on the world that you would like to have?

Carisa Koch, a mother and school teacher, found a way out of the financial stress most people experience today by becoming an entrepreneur. Today, she and her husband Curtis, help individuals and families become financially independent both through financial advising and by helping them build their own financial franchises on a part-time or full-time basis!

Our Team

Our Founders

Carisa & Curtis started in the financial industry in 2020 with a goal of educating the community at large with understanding the value of protecting the family legacy. They accomplish this from a financial advising outlook and by mentoring middle-income families on how to build a business for themselves.

Our Marketing Team

In this age of digital technology, our marketing team seeks top-of-the-line performance both in extending their outreach and in servicing clients. Using a variety of tools and social media platforms to market, manage, and communicate with the world at large, they’re some of the industry’s best and brightest!